CNS Global Advisors
CNS Global Advisors provides services to support corporate growth and project development in two practice areas

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory practice provides investment banking services to growth-stage companies, experienced development teams, and investors.

We bring structure and strategy to the dynamic process of capitalizing renewable energy, agribusiness, real estate, and impact projects. 

We develop, optimize, and execute finance strategies that help our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals through our relationships with sources of debt and equity.

Our clients trust us to deliver results so they can spend more time developing, acquiring, growing, and operating their company.



Our team of professionals structure marketable investments by optimizing cost of capital through efficient access to development sources of debt, and capitalizing on demand for equity/quasi-equity investment opportunities from institutional investors. 

Placing Debt & Equity

Corporate & Project Valuation

Investment & Project Feasibility

Investment Origination

Financial Structuring

Corporate & Project Finance

Asset Sales

Blended Finance

How we work

We organize our Financial Advisory engagements into two major phases: 

Financing Strategy: the engagement team evaluates the corporate structure, determines financial feasibility of the project, and analyze the most appropriate structures of an offering to optimize cost of capital and long-term shareholder value.

Capital Structuring & Private Placement: the engagement team prepares the final structure, the investment offering materials, bring the transaction to the financial markets, and manage the process of negotiation with investors to achieve financial close efficiently. 

This arrangement gives our clients piece of mind that all of the options have been evaluated and an appropriate strategy has been selected before proceeding to the capital markets. 

Global Network

  1. We have established deep and broad relationships with institutional investors globally.

  2. We review prospective deals based on our knowledge of investors and the opportunities they seek.

  3. We target appropriate investors to ensure effective marketing of each deal.

  4. We are in constant dialogue with investors to know where they will commit capital.


Access to investment opportunities

  1. We have long standing relationships with a global network of sources for investment opportunities. 

  2. We are in constant dialogue with our proprietary network to know the timing, magnitude, and use of their pipeline’s capital requirements.